My name is Joseph Almanza Jennings III and I was raised back and forth between Detroit, Michigan and San Diego, California. Throughout my life, I have always had a passion for technology such as video games and computers. I've also developed a fondness for books, writing, and cycling.

   After working years in retail not having any sort of real path in life a friend of mine suggested I get into web development. He has been very successful in this field and he noticed I was struggling in finding a career that I truly care about. With his assistance, as well as a few others, I spent the next year studying HTML, CSS, and other subjects related to becoming a front-end web developer. After a year of studying I realized that continuing to work in retail was only giving me a safety net and preventing me from fully diving into my ultimate goal. So I decided to take a risk, quit my job, and dedicate all my time improving my skillset in hopes of bettering my quality of life.

   Currently, I am aggressively job searching as well as continuing to study. I realize that my education in this field will never be complete as there is always a way to advance my knowledge and capabilities. In the next two to three years, I  have full intent on becoming an advanced web developer. I can be contacted at jajenningsiii@gmail.com.